Sunday, February 3, 2008

I feel sorry for GOD

Wow, what a wonderful day. Can’t believe all these goddamn things happen on such a beautiful day like this. I just wish that for just one day, I could take a break, that I can be just normal like anyone else. I just wish I didn’t have to be…. GOD.

I was walking along the road; the exam results have come. I just wish that it was just a dream. I cant believe that I lost in this subject, I was so good at it. How can I ever lose in this subject, I was an expert in this, during the labs, during the class tests….. How can I lose it? My eyes filled with tears. Losing was a not new thing, but never in a exam. I was so good at it. My mind was desperately trying to console me, to believe that it was all a lie.

I cried all night, when no one was in sight. It was so hard. That day I saw god. He came near me and sat there. I felt awkward; it was as if suddenly help was there. It was as if he heard my prayer. He just sat there and listened to me. I talked with him at length, told him all my worries. Felt a lot better when he told me that everything is going to be fine. I started smiling. “God, thank you so much for listening to me. I feel so much relieved now. In fact I feel so happy. Shall I go and sleep.”

God looked at me quizzically and with a winning smile, “ I thought we were friends”

“ Yes we are friends, we are great friends. You are now my best friend ever.”

“Is it?” “ ya, it is”.

“ you didn’t even ask me how am I feeling?”.

“ What? “How are you feeling?” But you are god, you must be fine. Why should I ask?”

“I am god, but just like anyone else I too feel sad, I too feel happy. Just because I always smiling doesn’t mean that I am never sad. Just because I listen to everything you have to tell doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to tell.”

That was new. God is just like one of us.

“ my friend” , he said “ I am really sad.”

“what happened GOD?”

“ Why are you humans always like this?”


“ All of you are alike, as long as you are happy, you don’t even think about me. When you are sad you call me up. Do you ever bother to ask if I am fine?”

“well, god hmmm …. For one thing, I didn’t know god ever had a bad day, or even a bad moment. Again, I also didn’t think that you needed a company, you are GOD. You are so powerful, you can have anything you want.”

“Anything, anything but love.”

“ But god, all of us love you. We love you so much.”

“ god damn it, you love me? How many times have you ever bothered how am I doing? Or even just ask ‘how are you’ ? “

I was dumbfounded.

“ It is my birthday today, I am actually alone. Do u mind celebrating it with me.”

I never knew that god had a birthday, was it not supposed to be like god has no beginning, no end. So what is this new thing?

“well, you just don’t know me. You just assume so many things. So many people called me, wished me. But the most important people never bothered or rather forgot, my dad, mom…and well some others too.”

My head is spinning, what the hell is going on?

“I can read your mind.”

“ hmmm… well god, it is like I never knew god had a family. well are u really god?”

“no I am a devil. What do you think? There is no point in telling…. You are all the same…” and he vanished.

I don’t know if god found someone who could understand him or just give him company on his birthday.

I started calling my friends…. I just spoke to god…


Anonymous said...

Are you somehow related to Sanjay Leela Bansali??? :P


Anonymous said...

That was a nice comment...

- Divya

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday :)

Anonymous said...

great illustration

Anonymous said...

Oru "One night @ call centre " style thonunnu vaayichittu

രമേഷ് said...

I cant believe that I lost in this subject, I was so good at it. How can I ever lose in this subject, I was an expert in this, during the labs, during the class tests….. How can I lose it?
once i had also asked these questions ... hmmm kollam... try to write more.. we are waiting to read....

Anonymous said...

Great work.

Anjoooooz said...

Nice blog...i got ur blog link accidentally while browsing...nw its tat i read tis wen i'm free in office...keep on posting...