Monday, April 21, 2008

Just for you, hold my hand

A tiring day it was, after the 4-hour journey to and fro for the new project meet, making it a total of 8 hours in a stifling train. Finally at the station, managed to wiggle through the milling crowd. As I walked along the footpath heading for the bus stop, I saw this beautiful young lady and within a moment the handsome guy beside her. The momentous envy gave way to the feeling of fondness to them, when I saw their hand in hand. It was special, the way they were holding each other’s hand. On my way back home, I made quite a few interesting observation.

As I was getting on to the bus, I saw this child and mom. The cutey was looking at me with the innocence seen only in children. I love children so much. She was holding onto her mom’s hand. Isn’t a mother child relationship, the most beautiful in the world, to which nothing can commensurate? Energy of Love beyond words and feelings flow between the caring mother’s hands and the little hand.

“Show me the world mother,
Show me my fellow beings”,
“Oh my girl, hold my hand,
For the world is a beautiful beast.”

As the bus moved, I saw a car broke down near the bus stop. I was thinking ‘poor guys’. Then I saw this guy coming out of nowhere, and asking the driver what was the issue.After some mumbling the new guy moved to the rear and started pushing the car all by himself. Soon a few more guys joined and the car sparked on. The guy who was driving was beaming, so was I. A friend in need is a friend in deed.
World has still a lot of good left in it. The car guy offered them a lift and off they went.

“Alone we perish,
Together we flourish”,

“Conquer we shall,
All of the land and beyond.”

I stopped at a restaurant to pick up my dinner. It was late and everybody at home must have slept. I had told them not to bother about me. As I was waiting outside after giving the orders, I saw this man and woman waiting for a table. It seemed to me like he is quite an insecure guy, afraid that his girl will leave him. Suffocating her with his affection.Holding her tight, so that she doesn’t run away. Lol, you will take the breath out of her man… :P

“Dear are you fine?
You look different today?”
"I am fine,
Leave me alone for some time”

“But I don’t want to leave you
I can’t leave you with noone around”
“Trust me, I will be fine,

I just need some time alone”

After getting the food,I boarded another bus, which was rather empty. I got myself a window seat. I love traveling like that, enjoying the cool air whispering in my ears, watching the full moon showering milk all over silhouettes which are trying to hide in the pitch dark. I closed my eyes to relax, which was shortly disturbed by a giggle not so far. As I turned I saw another pair. Must be the new wed, coming after the first show. How did I know they were newly wed? She still had the playful look in her eyes, there is still a lot they don’t know about the other. Also she had this fresh new ring and 'thaali', announcing proudly to the world that she is taken. :) .Again, he was holding her hand.

It is a promise,

Promise for a lifetime,
“ I take care of you ,
and you take care of me”

The bus reached my stop, and as I was walking to my home, I saw another pair on their way home. She was holding his hands; or rather he was pulling her along. I started feeling sorry for the guy. She was tired, yes but that was no reason for making him carry her. Poor guy, he is too must be tired. Doesn’t she understand that he needs some independence?

“You are my everything,
You are my support,
I always need you”

“So be it dear, the night is long,
Miles to go we have, Tired I am,
And you demand too much.”

The memory of the couple I saw at the station was not leaving me. I didn’t understand why I found it interesting, amazing or rather unforgettable.After having seen them, I had waited outside a shop; tired I was, as they entered the store. They came out after some purchase, they still had their hand in unison. The man had a bag on his right.It must have been heavy, for he was stooping to a side. Deciding it was time to stop prying on a lovely couple I mentally bid them bye. I saw them disappear in the crowd, and just before they vanished I saw her reaching out for the handle of the bulky bag.

As I was heading for the bed, I was playing the day’s events over and over again. It dawned on me that I adored their relationship, at least from a distance.
They had a deep bond ,which doesn't tire you nor grows on you. Independent,yet very much connected,a beauty bringing the charisma in them. Sharing the burden,giving respect to the other for who they are and what they are,
letting each other be themselves.
Simple love, deep inside, which doesn’t show in itself but oozes out in small gestures.

In the shore, hand in hand,
Together they stand,
Facing the world with a smile,
Till the waves cease.

PS: This blog is different from my previous ones,
the style was inspired from the blog