Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It was raining

The sky was rain laden. The day was just like any other day. The house had an electric atmosphere, which is nothing more than normal when it is school time. Mom packing the lunch box, father putting on the shoes and the children frantically searching for the home- work book.

The boy started off first. He had just enough time to catch the bus, so he tried to walk as fast as his dignity allows. It soon broke off into a run as he looked at the watch. It started to drizzle. He had umbrella in his backpack, but he didn’t want to take it. First thing , so absurd it may seem, but he didn’t want to wet his umbrella. Also, he didn’t have the time to take it out. He ran carefully so as not to jump on some puddles and spoil his dress, which was neatly pressed by his dad.

It was then he saw something fluttering in one of the puddles. It was a dragonfly. He has a personal liking for this amazing creature, which has the eyes as big as its body, resembling the helicopters also in its movement. Its wing has gone wet, and couldn’t fly.

He had to make a decision, if he is to stay there and pick this thing out, sure he will miss the bus. Then his dad will have to take him to school and all the way he will have to listen to how undisciplined he is. He decided to opt the latter. He stood by the puddle, with a stick got the dragonfly out of there. It lay there still. He was worried if it was already dead.

He ran again, so that if the bus was not gone, he was saved. He ran so fast that he didn’t care about the puddles or dirt anymore. His beautiful navy blue shirt got brown spots here and there. His bus hasn’t come yet. He was early. As he stood panting at the bus stop, he opened his palm and looked again at the dragonfly, it was moving slightly. Its wings were wet, that is all. So he kept it on a nearby wall where there was some sunlight coming in between the clouds. He stood there gratified at his achievement. He felt so happy in saving a life. His heart was filled with a feeling inexpressible.

In seconds he saw the dragonfly, getting up on its legs and took off. He watched it, with the eyes of an innocent child who knew not the rules of the world. Just as he watched with delight the little creature, a crow came swooping down and snapped his beaks.

He was shocked. If not for him, the dragonfly wouldn’t have been out of the puddle. It could have died there. What difference did he make? He got confused. He believed there was God, but then why would God do something so silly. Was he never supposed to save the fly? He kept wondering at the amazing and often confusing riddle called LIFE.

PS: Real life incident , Manu, year 1997