Wednesday, May 2, 2007

That was , when it all began

On 12th of June, I was with her for a brief moment and she robbed me, my heart.

I was walking along the main corridor of the college, just then one of my friends with me directed the groups’ attention towards her. I looked at her and could not help feeling sorry for her. She was so beautiful lest for the eyes. I wondered how the creator can be so sadistic. I put this back in my memory and moved on to more practical matters.

The next time I saw her was on a newspaper. I did not read the contents; her eyes robbed my whole attention. I couldn’t believe that this was the same I saw in college. Here, her eyes looked so beautiful but back there it was the eyes that robbed away the beauty from her. It was when I read the contents, the mystery unveiled. The announcement was a change of name. Since she and her twin… wait , a twin? . Yes that is when I found that she had a twin and I saw the twin in the college….She wants to change her name. It was then I remembered that for changing names you have to publish on a paper (or something like that) .

After this, One day I missed the college bus and came by city bus. As I was entering the college gate I saw her in the company of her friends. Usually I come by college bus, which comes in by the back entrance. Since she usually has fun time with friends at front gate, I completely missed her for a long time. She actually had come long back. From then on I made it a point to go to the front gate as often as possible to get a glimpse of this beauty and occasionally I did get a good look.

Next time I saw her , she was with my physics professor. I made a mental note that I should some how get more details about her from the professor. As it happened the next time I saw my physics professor was when he was having a exam duty in my class. I thought of asking about her, but found myself void of words. I found it to be the most inappropriate thing to do. A chance like that never presented itself. So the talk with the sir remains suspended till date.

Outside the college I saw her. It was then that I found an irresistible feeling in me that did not allow me to take eyes of her. I marveled at her beauty to the stark contrast of the background unkempt petrol pump.

Next day I saw her on the road she was in red color. I liked seeing her, but I felt that she would look like a queen in a silver gray color. The eyes would make even a deer’s eyes ugly. Her shape was clearly visible by the tight fit. Her mid section was beautifully shaped, as if , it conformed to the figures of a model. Her long lean legs made her look more taller than she actually is. It gave her a charm than any of her companions.

On 12th of June I went up to her and we spent a brief time together. Life was never the same after that .I knew instinctively that I was in love.

I would have preferred not to break it here, but nevertheless I should. She is my sweet bike, belonging to the yamaha family .She is “ Libero LX” , Her twin is Libero. They differ in the headlamp. The modified Libero LX has a beautiful headlamp, which gives it the elegant look. She has the longest wheel-base (wheel to wheel distance).It makes it look like a tall bike. Available in Red, Gold, Black and Silver. She got the cutest mid section (fuel tank) of all.

I saw her first at the college just by the side of Main hall. I liked it so much and went to the show room on June 12th.Do I love her? Sure, ya I love her very much.